Start Running And Now Foot Hurts? You May Have Plantar Fasciitis

If you have just started running and your foot hurts along the bottom, you need to stop running until you determine what is causing the pain. One thing that may be wrong is your foot has plantar fasciitis. There is a ligament in the arch of your foot, which is known as the plantar fascia. When you run and your foot hits the pavement this ligament pulls and then tightens. Doing this over and over causes irritation to the ligament.

3 Choices To Empower A Child After A Parent's Death

It's hard to imagine anything being more difficult on a child than the death of a parent, and your heart may be going out to your child while you mourn the loss of a spouse. No matter what your personal situation is, it is important to take actions to help make this as easy on your child as possible, and honoring the traditions of death and a child's need to mourn the parent is important.

Three Ways To Prevent Dry Feet During The Summer

In the summer, dry feet don't exactly look good. Who wants to wear sandals when you have layers of thick, dry skin on your feet? The answer is no one. Dry feet don't just look bad; they can also affect the health of your feet and cause discomfort. Make sure you know how to keep your feet moisturized all summer long. Exfoliate Often Don't wait until you get a pedicure to have your feet exfoliated.

Is Your Pet Rabbit Sick?

Some people mistakenly believe that a pet rabbit does not require as much care as other types of pets due to their size. In reality, caring for a pet rabbit can sometimes take as much care as other animals. One of the responsibilities you have is to ensure that your rabbit is in good health. If you think that your rabbit is not well, here is what you need to know.

How The Opium Detoxification Process Works

If you are struggling with opiates, the first step in the road to recovery is to undergo a detoxification. The good news about opiates is that the detoxification process is not life-threatening. However, the withdrawal symptoms can be very uncomfortable and you may want to find a less unpleasant way to detox. Starting The Detoxification Process Detoxification can take as long as a week. The initial few days are usually the worst, with symptoms subsiding afterward.