Grey's Anatomy Paints An Unrealistic View Of Doctors & Surgeries

You're facing the prospect of orthopedic surgery, and the concept isn't entirely foreign to you. It's not that you or anyone you know personally has had this type of operation. Instead, most of what you know about orthopedic surgery comes from watching Dr. Callie Torres on Grey's Anatomy. Just how real is this show's depiction of an expert orthopedist and a busy hospital? You definitely hope that the doctors at your hospital aren't so distracted by their personal lives as they are on the TV show.

Tips For Staying Healthy As You Travel For The Holidays

Staying healthy during the holidays is always tough, especially since the holidays are right in the middle of cold and flu season. If you're headed "over the river and through the woods" to your grandmother's home, or the home or another family member, you definitely don't want sickness to ruin all your fun. As you travel for the holidays this year, keep these helpful tips in mind to keep germs at bay.

3 Things Your Achy Feet Are Trying To Tell You

After a long day at work, your feet are incredibly tired and sore. Given that you've become accustomed to painful feet at the end of the day, you've accepted that that's just what happens when you spend all day on your feet. What you don't realize is that your painful feet are trying to send you a message. The soreness you feel at the end of every day is your feet's way of letting you know that something is wrong.

5 Less Common Seasonal Allergy Symptoms You Might Not Recognize

When most people think of seasonal allergies, they think of a few common symptoms: sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and breathing difficulties.  But seasonal allergies can also present themselves in some lesser-known ways.  If you're experiencing several of these symptoms, it might be worthwhile to seek out allergy testing as a possible cause. Headaches.  There is an incredible array of reasons for headaches, but when they occur seasonally and are accompanied by feelings of sinus pressure, this could be a sign of an allergy.

3 Tips For Helping A Young Child Deal With Their Aggression

Unfortunately many young children will use aggression to get what they want. It is not unusual for a young child to hit or bite when they want something they cannot have, or when they are unable to express themselves. If you have a young child who is showing aggression towards adults, or other children, you must address it immediately. Here are 3 things that you can do to help the child to stop hitting or biting: