A Family Doctor Helps Adolescent Girls Manage Painful Menstruation

A family doctor provides healthcare for patients of all ages and medical treatment for a broad range of conditions. Parents of an adolescent daughter who is experiencing debilitating menstrual cramps and exceptionally heavy flow can trust their primary care physician to offer helpful advice. If necessary, the practitioner might prescribe medication to ease the cramping and decrease the flow. About Dysmenorrhea Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for painful periods. Some girls experience cramping so severe that they must miss a day or two of school.

Benefits of Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

If you have knee problems, then your orthopedic surgeon may want to perform arthroscopic surgery. This modern procedure is highly effective. It also has fewer risks and complications than traditional surgery. It can be used both to more accurately diagnose an issue or treat it. Here is more information about arthroscopic knee surgery, its benefits, and its complications. Why Is Arthroscopic Surgery Performed? The doctor may prescribe arthroscopic knee surgery because the x-rays don't give a full view of your problem.

Getting Behavioral Health Care for an Addiction

Life can become difficult to cope with to the extent of leaving someone without hope, which often leads to the development of an addiction. Going through bad times can lead to someone developing mental health problems as well, such as experiencing something traumatic in life that is difficult to forget. No matter how much time someone devotes to trying to overcome an addiction, sometimes they continually fail and will only find success via the intervention of professionals.

Three Common Problems That Brain Specialist Can Help You With

The brain is a source of much mystery for many people and has been for all of human history. It is only in recent years with advanced medical equipment have brain specialists been able to start diagnosing more complicated diseases, conditions, and problems in the brain. Because of these advances, many people who would ordinarily be stuck with lifelong conditions can seek treatment and feel the relief that comes from getting their life back on track.

Managing Pain That Lingers Years After Shoulder Surgery

When you tear your rotator cuff, strain your labrum, or otherwise seriously injure your shoulder, you will generally need surgery to correct the problem. Usually, surgery takes care of the majority of the acute pain. However, some patients do have shoulder pain that lingers or comes and goes, years after surgery. If you're facing this type of pain right now, here are some ways you can treat it. Go back to physical therapy.