4 Sex Addiction Treatment Options

Addictions come in all forms. Some people are addicted to drugs, while others are addicted to sex. Any type of addiction can become cumbersome, and if you are suffering from this addiction, you should seek sex addiction treatment options. Knowing the available options of treatment to help you overcome this situation can help you have a higher quality of life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

One method that is becoming increasingly popular to treat sexual addiction is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This type of treatment will require you to get in touch with your feelings and work to determine why these exist.

This may involve writing in a journal and recording your thoughts for the day. Another method that is used involves completing assignments. The purpose of CBT is to help you transform your thoughts and work towards a different type of behavior.

Group Therapy

Meeting with others and discussing your sex addiction may be helpful to you. This can allow you to see that there are others who are struggling with the same thing and may allow you to get ideas and tips to beat addiction.

Simply being able to meet with a group of others who are dealing with the same experiences may be helpful to your situation.

Individual Therapy

You may prefer to have face-to-face counseling with one person which will be much more private than meeting with others. There are many sex therapists who are well-trained in helping you address and cure your addiction successfully. This may involve a number of sessions to allow you to get a better handle on this situation and be better equipped to move on with life.  


Some medical providers may feel it is best to prescribe medication to help you overcome a sex addiction. Anti-depressants are widely prescribed to help break any type of addiction by altering the mood to do so.

In some cases, both therapy and medication are prescribed to help you obtain the best results. The more severe the sexual addiction is, the more types of treatment that may be required to help you successfully fight the addictive behavior that you are experiencing.

Finally, fighting addiction can drain your energy and your time. By working with a licensed professional who is equipped with the right knowledge to cure you of a sex addiction, you can find needed relief. Be sure to contact a healthcare provider who is trained to treat you.