Urgent Care Vs. Urgent Calls: Why House Calls May Be The Healthier Choice

If you are sick and unable to make an appointment to see your regular doctor, you know you have urgent care and the emergency room as options. However, you now have another option that's a modern update of an older procedure -- the house call. While these might seem a bit risky because you wouldn't be in a medical center with diagnostic equipment at the ready, a house call may actually be a healthier way to have an initial checkup.

A Few Great Mobility Aids To Consider Getting For Yourself

If you have mobility issues then it's important for you to get yourself mobility aids that make it easier for you to take care of your daily needs. You can learn about some great items in this article that you may want to get. Swivel cushion If you struggle to get in and out of chairs, then you may find a swivel cushion to be very helpful. The cushion is designed to offer you comfortable padding so you won't be bothered by it while you are seated.

Innovative New Intraocuar Lens Replacement Offers You Good Vision Without Wearing Eyeglasses Following Cataract Surgery

Monofocal intraocular lenses have so far been the only lenses used to replace your natural lens during cataract surgery. These artificial lenses offer good distance vision only, although you must still wear reading glasses for near vision. Innovative new lens technology are trending now, and they offer cataract patients like you surgical options whereby you do not have to rely on eyeglasses for distance or near vision. The new technology is also expected to benefit younger patients suffering from pre-presbyopia conditions.

5 Things Parents Need To Know About Milk Protein Allergies

Children can be allergic to many different foods, including milk. Here are five things parents need to know about milk protein allergies. What are the signs of milk protein allergies? Milk protein allergies generally develop quite early, usually in infancy or early childhood. After giving your child a food that contains milk proteins, you will notice the development of allergy symptoms within a few minutes or hours. Immediate symptoms may include things like hives or vomiting, and later, symptoms such as abdominal cramps, diarrhea, or coughing may develop.

How To Help Your Depressed Spouse

Helping a depressed spouse can be very difficult because that person might actively reject your help or not believe that he or she needs assistance. It can put a strain on your marriage because he or she might not be very pleasant to be around. Here are some tips for helping your depressed spouse. 1. Keep Yourself Healthy The only thing that you can do is make sure that you don't fall into a depression as well.