5 Less Common Seasonal Allergy Symptoms You Might Not Recognize

When most people think of seasonal allergies, they think of a few common symptoms: sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and breathing difficulties.  But seasonal allergies can also present themselves in some lesser-known ways.  If you're experiencing several of these symptoms, it might be worthwhile to seek out allergy testing as a possible cause.

Headaches.  There is an incredible array of reasons for headaches, but when they occur seasonally and are accompanied by feelings of sinus pressure, this could be a sign of an allergy.  Allergy-related headaches are usually located in the forehead and behind the eyes, and may not be accompanied by any other symptoms.  Chronic headaches are always worth a call to your doctor, and if they happen during allergy season in your area, that might lend a clue to their cause.

Sore Throat.  A sore throat is more commonly associated with strep or a cold, but it can also result from allergies.  Sore throats that are allergy related typically occur in the morning and then improve as the day goes on.  It's usually a result of breathing with your mouth open due to sinus congestion, resulting in a dry and sore throat in the morning that will improve once you're up and about.

Gastrointestinal Problems.  Upset stomach is usually associated with food allergies, but it can also be a surprising sign of seasonal allergies.  Seasonal allergies were recently linked with an increase in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - which doesn't show that one causes the other, but does show that the flare-ups tend to happen around the same time.  Cross-reaction of foods with pollen in the air may be one possible reason for stomach problems in allergy season.

Behavior Changes.  This may be most noticeable in children, but can also affect adults.  Lack of sleep as a result of allergies can affect the mood of any person at any age, but adults are more likely to recognize it for what it is.  A normally happy child who is becoming irritable, behaving badly at school, or is suddenly hyperactive and unfocused may be suffering from sleep deprivation as a result of allergies.  

Itchy Lips and Ears.  Seasonal allergies often present itchy eyes and nose, but itches in other places can also be a sign.  Itchy ears can result from seasonal allergies - not surprising since the ears are connected to the sinuses.  Itchy lips are one symptom less likely to be recognized.  This symptom can result from the same cause as the digestive upset : cross-reaction of foods with pollens, causing your lips to itch when certain foods touch them.

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