Want To Avoid Sickness This Year? Your Pharmacist May Have The Answers

If you are trying to fight off the flu and other illnesses that get passed around between family members throughout the year, your pharmacist can help. It doesn't matter if you aren't on a prescription medication or getting pharmaceutical treatment for anything, the pharmacist can help you prevent sickness all year long.

Talk to the pharmacist about your normal problems throughout the year, like the flu, sinus infections or other issues your family commonly deals with, and they can direct you from there. The pharmacist can talk with you about what preventative supplements you can take to help boost your immunity and what other lifestyle changes you should make. Ask about the following.


Probiotics help keep the healthy bacteria in your system, while helping to cleanse your bowels of the things your body doesn't need to store. There are foods that have probiotics naturally, like yogurt, or you can get some supplements from the pharmacist. The probiotic supplement can be a powder that you sprinkle in your food, or you can even get chewable gummy options for the family if getting them to take supplements is difficult. This can help keep your immune system and your digestive track healthy.

Nasal Spray

Slight allergy congestion or seasonal congestion that isn't treated can start to build up, leading to sinus infections and more. Get a nasal spray that will break up the congestion and help you drain the nasal passageway when you feel congestion building so you can breathe easier, hear better, and prevent an infection before it begins. Using a nasal pot and humidifier can also help.


A lot of people think the key to fighting sickness is vitamin C, but that isn't the truth. Instead, talk with the pharmacist about other supplements you should be taking, like zinc. Zinc has been used as a preventive option and also to treat colds after they have started. The pharmacist should have other recommendations as well.

If you want to get an early start to fighting the sickness and flu problems your family goes through when the weather starts to change, you should stop at your local pharmacy, such as Nolita Chemists, and find out what you can do from a professional. Incorporating these supplements and changes in your life can help you stay healthy with a better immunity and reduce the chances of getting sick and passing the sickness around to others in your household.