A Few Great Mobility Aids To Consider Getting For Yourself

If you have mobility issues then it's important for you to get yourself mobility aids that make it easier for you to take care of your daily needs. You can learn about some great items in this article that you may want to get.

Swivel cushion

If you struggle to get in and out of chairs, then you may find a swivel cushion to be very helpful. The cushion is designed to offer you comfortable padding so you won't be bothered by it while you are seated. When you go to get out of the chair, it will swivel so you can turn to a position that allows you to get up without difficulty. A swivel cushion can be very helpful

Pick up stick

You should have a pick up stick in your home for those times when you need to get an object that you can't reach or bend for.  A pick up stick has a grabber on one end shaped like wide pincers and a handle on the other end. When you squeeze the handle, the pincers will close to help you pick things up.

Seat cane

If you need the assistance of a cane, you may want to consider getting yourself a seat cane. This is a very helpful cane that you can walk with just as you would a normal cane, but then you can convert it into a small seat. This will help to give you quick access to a small seat in those times when you find yourself suddenly too tired to make it to another chair.

Handheld showerhead

A handheld showerhead can make it a whole lot easier for you to take a shower. As you know, it can be hard for a person with mobility issues to navigate their way under a single stream of water. The handheld showerhead allows you to put the water where you need it without needing to do a lot of moving around yourself.

Non-slip socks

Non-slip socks may sound like a weird mobility aid, but they are very important. When you have a difficult time walking, it can be dangerous for you to walk on certain flooring, such as tile. One wrong move and your feet can go right out from under you. This is why you should replace all your socks with non-slip ones. This way, you know you are always wearing socks that will grip the floor better.

The aids listed above can help you to get through your day a bit easier and in a safer manner. You always want to keep an eye out for products aimed at helping you. Visit http://www.twincitystairlifts.com for more mobility aid options.