Helpful Information About Bacterial Pink Eye

Does a thick yellowish discharge ooze out of your eyes and the problem seems to be getting worse? If you are waiting for an appointment that was set with a physician, you might want to go to an urgent care center instead because it is possible that you have bacterial pink eye. Take a look at the information detailed in this article to gain more insight about bacterial pink eye and why going to an urgent care center is better than waiting for an appointment with a physician.

A Contagious Infection

Bacterial pink eye is the type of medical condition that can become worse if you wait too long for treatment. You can also pass the infection to other people because it is highly contagious. Basically, pink eye happens when the conjunctiva of one or both eyes becomes irritated and swollen. The conjunctiva of an eye is the mucous membrane that outlines your eyelids, as well as the surface of your eyes. Bacterial pink eye is very contagious and should be treated fast if you don't want anyone around you to become infected. The condition can go away without medical treatment, but it is a good idea to seek treatment so it will heal faster.

Bacterial Pink Eye Symptoms

One of the common symptoms of bacterial pink eye is when the white areas of one or both eyes turn red. The redness can become worse the longer that you have the condition. You might also experience a small amount of pain in the infected eye. Bacterial pink eye can be difficult to cope with because the discharge usually crusts up when you are asleep, which leads to your eyes being hard to open without removing the crust. Your eye is likely to swell up until the infection heals, but the extent of swelling can vary between each individual.

Getting Urgent Care

Urgent care facilities are ideal for getting treated for bacterial pink eye because you don't want to wait for an appointment with a physician. You will be able to start treating the condition and find some relief, which can come in handy if your eye is in pain. A specialist at the urgent care facility will be able to thoroughly examine and diagnose the condition. He or she can then give you a prescription for antibiotic eye drops that can get rid of the bacterial infection. Drop by an urgent care facility as soon as you can. Contact a business, such as Meadowbrook Urgent Care, for more information.