Three Ways To Prevent Dry Feet During The Summer

In the summer, dry feet don't exactly look good. Who wants to wear sandals when you have layers of thick, dry skin on your feet? The answer is no one. Dry feet don't just look bad; they can also affect the health of your feet and cause discomfort. Make sure you know how to keep your feet moisturized all summer long.

Exfoliate Often

Don't wait until you get a pedicure to have your feet exfoliated. Make this practice a part of your regular routine. Don't overlook the fact that dry skin is, in many instances, dead skin. You wouldn't waste water on a dead plant, so don't waste moisturizer on dead skin.

It's best to exfoliate the skin and remove this dead layer before applying your moisturizer. Doing so will allow the moisturizer to penetrate deeper and sufficiently nourish your feet.

Take A Water Break

Sure, summer is the time of the year to swim and head out to the beach as often as you can. But make sure you are doing so in moderation. Some people assume that keeping their feet in water for long periods will actually soften them, it actually does the opposite.

Keeping your feet in water for an extended period will only dehydrate your skin. If you are already experiencing issues with dry skin or are spending much of this time in salt water, this will only make matters worse. As hard as it might be, it may be best to avoid swimming every day.

Use The Right Moisturizer

The intense heat of moisturizer causes most people to sweat. For this reason, the summer isn't the time of the year to use heavy or thick moisturizers. It's best to use a lighter product during the summer.

When you use a thick moisturizer, sweat isn't the only thing that will roll off. The thick moisturizer you just applied can also roll off. The reason for this is that the thicker the product, generally, the longer it takes to penetrate into your skin. Stick with a lighter cream until the weather cools down.

Make sure you are making an effort to keep your feet moisturized and healthy all summer long. The greater the effort you make, the better your feet will look not just all summer long, but all year long. If you're having issues with severe dry feet, don't hesitate to speak to your podiatrist or visit websites like to get to the bottom of the issue.