Three Types Of Chairs That Can Be Helpful For Seniors

It's no secret that as seniors age they began to feel stiffness in their joints and aren't as agile as they once used to be. It can be a difficult transition, especially for those who are beginning to lose some of their mobility. For seniors who need assistance when it comes to getting into and out of a seated position, here are three types of chairs that can be helpful.

Lift Chairs

These types of chairs have a powered mechanism that lifts the chair from its base so that seniors can more easily go from a sitting to a standing position. When it comes to lift chairs, there are a variety of options and features from which to choose. Lift chairs can also recline in different positions to make it easier for seniors to read, relax, and even sleep. Some lift chairs have the capability of giving a massage. Accessories are also included with these types of chairs. Some common ones include:

  • Fabric cleaner
  • Activity tables
  • Head pillows

Only the seat-lift mechanism is covered by Medicare and it must also be proven to be medically necessary.

Shower Chairs

For seniors who cannot stand in the shower and who might have trouble getting in and out of the bathtub, shower chairs are a great option. The seat of these types of chairs is normally made out of plastic and the legs can be adjusted to accommodate different heights. The rubber feet enable them to be suctioned to the bottom of the tub or shower to keep it from moving around.

For added safety, shower chairs have handle grips on each side. Some of them also come with a backrest. The maximum weight that most shower chairs can safely hold is 300 pounds. Even though a shower chair may seem like it is medically necessary, Medicare considers them an item of convenience and does not cover it.

Elevated Toilet Seats

For seniors who have trouble getting on and off the toilet, elevated toilet seats can be very helpful. Most elevated toilet seats are lightweight and portable and some of them even come with removable padded arms. These types of seats fit most kinds of toilets and they can easily be attached or removed. Elevated toilet seats are also considered an item of convenience by Medicare so it will not be covered.

For seniors who are having mobility issues or are having a hard time going from a sitting to standing position or vice versa, a lift chair, shower chair, and elevated toilet seat can all be very helpful.