Tips For Switching Your Medical Care To A New Doctor

While sticking with a primary care physician is a good idea, sometimes it just isn't working out and you need to break it off. Finding a new doctor may seem easy, but there is some work that you need to do on your end. These tips will help make the transition to a new doctor go smoothly for all parties involved.

Request Your Medical Records

Your previous doctor may have been seeing you for years and has records of your detailed medical history at their disposal. This includes information about your visits, existing medical conditions, medications, and even x-rays. These records should be transferred over to your new doctor so that they have access to them.

You'll want to check with your new doctor about what they actually need. A chart that is 50 pages long may not do them any good if they are not going to ever read it. For example, instead of the written report on an x-ray, they may want the film of the actual x-ray so that they can make their own diagnosis. They may also want just your past couple years of medical history since it is the most relevant.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 states that you have a right to a copy of your own medical records. After giving the previous doctor written notice, they have 30 days to fulfill your request. If you want to ensure that your new doctor has your records for your first visit, consider bringing them with you for the appointment. This will prevent any surprises from happening when you get to the office.

Verify What Other Facilities The Office Works With

While your old doctor may have performed tests and lab work in their own facility, the new doctor you visit may not. It is common for some doctors to outsource the lab work to a local hospital or medical lab that has the resources to do so.

You'll want to verify what labs they work with and find out if those labs are covered by your insurance network. For example, if they are working with a hospital that you do not have coverage with, you may find yourself needing to pay for the lab work out of your own pocket because it was outside of your insurance network.

These are just a few things you'll need to keep in mind when switching to a new primary care provider. For more information, contact local professionals like Choice Medical Group.