3 Things That Affect The Cost Of A Medical Flight

A traumatic injury requires immediate medical attention. Every year 160,000 Americans lose their life to traumatic injuries. These type of injuries are very common and can be avoided. For this reason, many hospitals have a system in place.

The main focus is to identify a critical injured patient and transport him or her to a trauma unit. Upon arrival to a trauma unit, the patient's injury is stabilized and it eventually leads to rehabilitation. An important part of a trauma care system is air medical response.

Medical flights play a pivotal role in getting trauma patients immediate care. Air transport has an advantage because this transportation can get a patient to care faster.  However, this type of transportation for medical care can be more expensive than a regular ambulance. Here are three things that affect the cost of a medical flight.

Flight Distance

Distance plays an important role in determining cost. It is factored in how far you have to travel to take a patient to a hospital. Distance plays such an important role because it means more time in the air and increase fuel costs. It also means having to pay medical flight specialists for the duration of the trip.

You cannot forget about the type of medical aircraft. The distance determines, which aircraft to use. A helicopter air ambulance is used to transport patients at short distances to the hospital.  On the other hand, a jet air ambulance or turboprop is used for longer distances.

Medical Staff

The number and type of flight is something you should consider in the cost. The flight includes a respiratory therapist and a nurse. If you need more specialists, then the additional staff members will cost more money.

Ground Transportation

You are going to need transportation to and from the aircraft. This type of transportation is called bedside to bedside service. If your air ambulance company does not mention it, then make sure you ask about the cost.

It is common for family members to want to come with the patient. Air ambulance company might charge a fee for additional passengers. It helps to be direct with the company and ask for this information upfront.

A medical emergency can happen at any time. It helps to prepare and know how to seek medical attention. Medical flights are usually covered by most health insurance companies. However, your flight must be deemed medically necessary.