Tips for Recovering Fast After Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery can help to restore your vision, prevent further damage, and help you to regain your independence. While undergoing eye surgery successfully is the key to minimizing the effects of cataracts, what you do when you leave the operating room is also vital. Be prepared to take good care of yourself physically and take it easy on yourself immediately after eye surgery for your cataracts so that your recovery is quick and comfortable. 

Use Eye Drops to Clean Your Eyes

Upon discharge from the ophthalmic surgical center, you will be instructed on how often to use the sterile antibiotic eye drops prescribed by your surgeon. This is the only solution that you should use to clean your eyes following eye surgery. The eye drops will prevent infection while soothing and keeping your eyes moist, aiding in a speedy recovery. The eye drops prescribed to you should help to eliminate itching and redness, so you shouldn't feel the need to rub or otherwise disturb your eyes as they heal.

Avoid Prescription Eye Wear and Contact Lenses

Even if you normally wear reading glasses or have prescription contact lenses that you are accustomed to using, you will need to allow your eyes to fully heal before you use any corrective eye wear. Contact lenses can cause an infection if used too soon after eye surgery, and you could accidentally scratch your cornea while inserting them. Wearing eyeglasses after cataract surgery can lead to permanent vision distortion, so wait a few days before using them again.

Always Shield Your Eyes From the Sun

Sunglasses will be provided after eye surgery as exposure to the sun can be damaging to your sensitive eyes. You will want to keep a dark colored pair of sunglasses with strong UV protection on when going outside for several weeks after you have cataract surgery. It is good to protect your eyes from the sun in general, so you don't want to put your sunglasses away permanently after recovering from your corrective eye procedure.

Rest as Much as You Can

Since you won't be driving or spending much time outdoors, you should resign yourself to getting plenty of physical rest. After eye surgery, always pick up dropped items by bending at the knees so that excess pressure is not placed on your eyes. Spend your spare time sitting down or laying down on your back so that your eyes are able to recovery following cataract removal.

For more information about the healing process after cataract surgery, talk to doctors at facilities like Country Hills Eye Center.