Healthy Gut Bacteria And Depression: This Odd Link May Be Affecting Your Teen

It can be very difficult to understand where depression originates in the average teenager. Diagnosing this problem as a parent is particularly difficult when you consider that few parents understand the effects a lack of healthy gut bacteria can have on the mind of a teenager.

Gut Bacteria May Affect The Mind

Most parents of teenagers have to deal with negative emotions at some point from their child. Unfortunately, real depression may actually occur in a teen that can be hard to shake. This problem is particularly noticeable if the teen's depression starts not in their mind but in their stomach. That's because many cases of depression are linked to an imbalance of healthy gut bacteria.

In fact, multiple studies have found that the microbiome of the stomach has a huge impact on the neurological state of a person. As a result, an outgrowth of new studies are trying to figure out why an imbalance of healthy gut bacteria can cause depression in a teenager.

An Imbalance Can Be Extremely Detrimental

Teenagers who are suffering from a poor balance of healthy and unhealthy gut bacteria may find themselves feeling higher levels of serious depression. There are a few reasons for this reaction. First of all, healthy bacteria will increase a person's metabolism and help them more effectively digest food. This improves a person's depression by giving them more energy to use to fight off negative emotions.

However, too many unhealthy bacteria will cause a variety of problems, such as diarrhea and an upset stomach. These symptoms can increase a person's depression by making them feel more uncomfortable and unable to manage in their life. As a result, doctors are turning to healthy gut bacteria supplements for teenagers with depression.

Healthy Gut Bacteria Supplements Can Help

In the United States, there are a wide range of healthy gut bacteria supplements available on the market. These supplements are typically known as probiotics. Taking them has been linked to increased digestive health, improved immune system health, and a boosted mood. When paired with a healthy depression treatment, they may be extremely beneficial.

That said, it is important to talk to a doctor before considering these types of supplements. While most side effects are quite minor and easy to treat, some people may have allergies or negative reactions to these medicines. A skilled doctor can assess a person's reaction and ensure that they don't end up getting sick as a result of their probiotics.

Thankfully, this risk is a small one that is more than balanced out by the benefits. So parents who are worried about depressed teenagers should talk to their doctor about how healthy gut bacteria may give their teen the help they need to overcome their negative emotions. 

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