Butt Enhancement Strategies That Will Promote An Appealing Tail End To Your Story

If you have a tall, lanky frame and a flat derriere that does not fill the backside of your trousers or shorts, you may have contemplated having your backside augmented. A temporary or permanent procedure can provide you with varying levels of enhancement. Try either of the options that follow to lift and add volume to your buttocks.

Wear Compression Garments Or Add Pads

Compression garments that are designed to compress body parts can provide the illusion of a shapely backside that is tilted upward. Lifting garments are often constructed of spandex and can comfortably be worn underneath other clothing.

If your main concern isn't the size of your derriere, but rather the lack of roundness that it possesses, shaping and lifting garments will provide you with a temporary solution that will allow you to wear form-fitting clothing without being concerned about the droopiness of your backside.

Butt pads are a clothing accessory that is designed to add volume to a backside. Pads come in several sizes and thicknesses, so do some research about these accessories before investing in a pair. The backside of each pad will have a non-slip surface that will adhere to clothing. The other side of the pad should be pressed against one of your butt cheeks.

The best thing about wearing compression garments or adding pads to clothing is that neither method is permanent, allowing you to go back to your previous state when desired. However, if a surgical procedure has been weighing on your mind and you are thinking about going forth with one, compression garments and pads will provide you with an idea of how your backside will look after a surgical augmentation is complete.

Seek A Surgical Procedure

A gluteal augmentation or buttocks enhancement procedure involves lifting the butt and improving the shape and tone of tissue that supports the skin and fat that is underneath each buttock. Silicone-filled devices or fatty tissue is implanted underneath each buttock.

As a result of this surgical procedure, your butt will be fuller and well-defined. Your balance may improve, and you may experience a surge of confidence that will result in you wearing more revealing, form-fitting clothing while out in public. Speak to a surgeon about any questions you have about a gluteal augmentation before deciding if this type of procedure is right for you.

Remember, a surgical procedure will be life-changing and consider the amount of healing time that may be required after a procedure. If you opt to have silicone-filled devices or fatty tissue implanted, moderate pain is to be expected during the healing phase. You can sit on top of a donut pillow or take over-the-counter medications to counteract discomfort. 

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