Had A Shoulder Replacement? Go To A Physical Therapist

If you just had shoulder replacement surgery, it will take time for you to recover. Your doctor will give you many tips on what you should do. One of these things is going to a physical therapist. Below is information on how they can help you get back to normal faster. 

See a Physical Therapist

The doctor will likely have to start seeing a physical therapist before you even leave the hospital. It is important that you start because your shoulder will freeze up without any movement. 

Your doctor may ask you to see a physical therapist a few times a week for a few weeks. They will also suggest the physical therapist you should see. This way the doctor and the physical therapist can converse with each other about the best treatment plan for you. 

The physical therapist will start out slow with you, but their main goal is to get back as much range of motion as you can. In most cases, you will not get 100% range of motion back, but you can get back much of it. Part of physical therapy is stretching your shoulder. This can be painful, and you will likely be in pain for a short time after therapy, but this is beneficial. This is because the stretching loosens the joints and muscles in your shoulder area making them move much easier. 

What You Can do At Home

The physical therapist will have you do exercises at home as well. They may provide you with bands that look like large, long rubber bands. You use these bands to help stretch your shoulder muscles. There is equipment you can purchase the physical therapist may suggest. For example, one piece of equipment attaches to a door frame and has a pulley for each hand. You raise one pully which will raise your other arm. This helps stretch your muscles. 

Even after you finish with physical therapy you will still need to continue exercising at home. The physical therapist will likely give you a pamphlet or other papers showing you how to properly perform the exercises. The physical therapist can also help you learn how to deal with pain, such as using an ice pack or a heat pack on your shoulder. 

Your doctor can give you much more information about recovering from shoulder surgery. They will also have you wear a brace for a few weeks while you are healing.  

For more information about orthopedic physical therapy, contact a local clinic.