Orthopedic Services That Can Help Knee Pain

If you're having chronic knee pain, it's probably time to see an orthopedic doctor for treatment. The doctor may start by doing medical tests on your knee to determine the cause of your pain. Knee pain has many causes and treatment is more effective when the cause is known. Here's a look at some orthopedic services that might help your knee.

Knee Injections

Knee injections might help reduce pain. Your doctor might inject hydrocortisone into your knee to reduce inflammation and pain. They might also inject a gel-like fluid to help cushion your joint so it doesn't hurt as much to walk.

Other injections your doctor might consider are PRP injections that contain growth factors and stem cell injections. These regenerative treatments can help your tissues rebuild so you can postpone surgery while improving your pain.

Physical Therapy

The orthopedic clinic might have physical therapists on staff or the doctor might send you to a physical therapy clinic. Strengthening your leg muscles might help support your knee so you have less pain with movement. Plus, stretching helps keep your knee flexible.

A therapist can also show you how to use a brace that further supports your knee. A brace might help you stay active for longer by supporting your knee. You might even need to use a cane or other walking device so you can reduce the amount of pressure you put on your knee, and a physical therapist can help you use the cane safely.

Knee Surgery

If your knee pain isn't relieved with other types of treatment and the pain is interfering with your life, then surgery could be the best solution. Your doctor might use a minimally invasive procedure that allows them to look around the inside of your knee and remove damaged tissue without having to make large incisions.

If your knee has a lot of damage, you might need a knee replacement done instead. This swaps your deteriorated knee joint for an artificial one, and that should help your knee pain and improve your mobility. Your orthopedic surgeon will explain each surgical option and choose the best one for your condition. A minimally invasive procedure is easier to recover from, but sometimes, an open incision is a better choice.

Since there are a few orthopedic services that help knee pain, your doctor might have you start with the easiest and safest to see if you get relief without the need for surgery. Each person responds differently to treatment, so let your doctor know if you're getting good results or not. Daily knee pain makes your life miserable and it can keep you from being active and social, so work with an orthopedic doctor to find a solution for your pain.

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