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How Often To Have A PAP Smear

With how often the recommendations for women's health testing change, who can keep up? Years ago women were urged to see their doctors each year for a breast and pelvic exam to include a PAP smear. Today, women under 60 without health problems need to be seen for an annual well woman exam, but only once every three years does this exam need to include a PAP smear. Why the change, and what does this mean for you?

Tips To Make It Through Your First Few Days Of Opioid Withdrawal

The primary reason why opioids are so difficult to wean yourself off of is the withdrawal symptoms. Within hours of quitting, you'll feel miserable -- nauseous, irritable, and dizzy. Taking a withdrawal treatment that your doctor prescribes can really help. But you will still want to follow these tips as you navigate your first few days without opiates.  Keep diphenhydramine on hand. One thing that can really help when you start to feel nauseous is taking a dose of diphenhydramine.

Growing Older? How You Can Benefit By Seeing A Geriatrician

Although aging is a very normal part of life, there are often a lot of misconceptions about the process. As you grow older, it's natural for your body to change in certain ways. If you aren't prepared for the differences, it can be very startling, and even quite frightening. Seeing your general physician is certainly helpful but if you really want to work with someone who understands the aging process in a more in-depth way you should see a geriatrician.

How Walk-In Clinics Protect Soccer Players From Career-Ending Broken Legs

Becoming a professional soccer player is a dream that is becoming more common as the sport's popularity increases. Unfortunately, a broken leg can destroy a promising career if it isn't managed properly. A walk-in clinic can help a player address the issue more quickly and get the treatment they need to fully recover. Serious Broken Legs Often Affect Soccer Players Few, if any, sports require as much running as soccer.

Are You Worried About Coordination Issues? Visit A Neurosurgeon To Learn More About Multiple Sclerosis

Coordination is something that peaks in most people when they are in their late 40s. However, it is possible that you might be noticing a significant decrease in your abilities lately. There is a strong chance that you may be suffering from multiple sclerosis or MS. If you are, it is important to get it diagnosed as soon as possible and to get treatment from a neurosurgeon. Signs You May Be Developing MS