Getting To Know Your Eczema Treatment Options: What You Should Know

When you begin to notice itchy and uncomfortable patches of dry skin or a skin rash that will not go away on its own and head to the dermatologist, you may not expect to find out that you have eczema. However, once you receive your diagnosis, you may wonder what you should do to get your skin condition under control and get to feeling better sooner rather than later. Get to know some of your eczema treatment options so that you can do just that.

Three Past Injuries That Should Cause You To Be Very Careful During A Physical Capacity Evaluation

If you work at a job that requires a lot of physical labor and you get injured, a physical capacity evaluation (such as those offered by Northwest Return To Work) may be performed by a therapist for both liability and diagnostic purposes. While most of the individual activities in the evaluation won't be very hard, the fact that you'll have to do so many activities in quick succession will probably strain your endurance.

Dealing With Metastatic Prostate Cancer: Know Your Treatment Options

Being diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer may come as a shock to many people. After all, many people assume that because they found out about their prostate cancer early that their initial treatment had taken care of everything. However, once in a while the cancer perseveres and takes up residence elsewhere in the body. If this has happened to you, there are treatments available to you. Get to know some of these treatment options so that you are knowledgeable and ready for what is ahead in your metastatic prostate cancer treatment plan.

Tips For New Hearing Aid Wearers

Getting fitted for your first hearing aids can be an exciting and emotional moment, especially if you have been living with hearing loss for some time. Although it's wonderful to be able to hear clearly again, you do need to plan for an adjustment period. The following tips can help you during the first few days with your new hearing aid. Tip #1: Start Slow Your first few days with a hearing aid will be filled with both excitement and annoyance.

Want To Avoid Sickness This Year? Your Pharmacist May Have The Answers

If you are trying to fight off the flu and other illnesses that get passed around between family members throughout the year, your pharmacist can help. It doesn't matter if you aren't on a prescription medication or getting pharmaceutical treatment for anything, the pharmacist can help you prevent sickness all year long. Talk to the pharmacist about your normal problems throughout the year, like the flu, sinus infections or other issues your family commonly deals with, and they can direct you from there.